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Totti wanted to represent a radical shift in the coffee experience. Because from now on, coffee will be much more than just a sip from a cup; it is about unleashing a sensorial symphony around the consumer. A modern ritual to make all the senses vibrate.

Therefore we launched "SENSORIALISM" with this manifesto: "Coffee is not just a physical act, it's a performance which triggers a multi-sensory experience, an explosion of aroma, color, and sound, feel-able hues beyond the visual spectrum. Sounds expressed as images, warm touches expressed as aromas, taste expressed an inspiration. It's time to reconsider know about coffee because SENSORIALISM means tastes that incite synesthetic coffee experiences. A world collection of coffee emotions. The modern art of taste. A symphony of tastes."

To communicate this concept across channels, we've created a series of five flamboyant visuals for all human senses.

Role: Group Creative Director/Art Director Agency: PUBLICIS, RO

AD: Alex Tache

CW: Marius Tudor

Illustrator: Raluca Bararu

StrategIc planner: Eleodor Ghenoiu

Totti See.jpg
Totti Touch.jpg
Totti Hear.jpg
Totti Smell.jpg
Totti Taste.jpg
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