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TEPEZZA is a prescription medicine that treats Thyroid Eye Disease (TED), a condition where your immune system mistakenly attacks the muscle and fat tissue behind your eyes, causing inflammation (redness and swelling) and scar tissue to form.

TED patients are more likely to take action when they see or hear content specific to the individual symptoms they experience. So, we brought to life a metaphors they use to describe the symptoms creating an animated campaign depicting four different issues associated with TED. To hit the category cue hard and immediately connect with patients, we put the eye in front and center in a bold, bright and symptomatically insightful way.

Role: Creative Director/Art 

Agency: Area 23 FCB NY

CD Copy: Larry Kirschner

CD Art:  Guy Mannshardt

GCD: David Adler

ECD: Jason Graff

CCO:Tim Hawkey 

ACD: Connor Reilly

Producer: Jack Hogan

Director: Pablo González

Production Studio: SMOG Chile

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