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ClickNet was one of the biggest Internet providers in Romania.

Together with the creatives from GREY, we've developed a successful integrated campaigns including TV, print, outdoor, and other digital channels.


The Rain was one of these campaigns. Using the ClickNet symbols, colored arrows, we came up with the idea that the internet from ClickNet is like a magic rain made by colorful arrows. A rain that changes everything around, from ordinary into extraordinary. This concept was then amplified in across channels. 


Role: Senior Art Directo

Agency: GREY Worldwide Romania

Senior CW: Alex Strimbeanu

CD: Stefan Vasilachi

CD: Claudiu Dobrita

Director: Shahar Segal

Production Studio: Castel Film

Clicknet - Arrow1.jpg
Clicknet - Arrow3.jpg
Clicknet - Arrow2.jpg
Clicknet-Computer cadou-bus.jpg
Clicknet - Computer cadou-bloc.jpg
Clicknet-Computer cadou-metrou.jpg
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