Dacia is a Romanian car, subsidiary of French group Renault. They wanted to launch a new Dacia Sandero worldwide. The international brief was to create a TV commercial easily adapted in every country, positioning Sandero as a car for young and active people, but in the meantime time an affordable one, not expensive. Graffiti BBDO team won the international pitch with this creative concept: "Some people live for their car. Others just live." The TV Ad depicts parallel stories of two guys, setting a contrast between the one who literally lives for his car, spending many hours cleaning and being over cared and the other one who lives life, driving to the mountains and enjoying with his friends. 


Role: Group Creative Director / Art Director | Agency: Graffiti BBDO, RO

Additional credits: Mihai Gongu - CD / Alex Strimbeanu - GCD / Alex Boiangiu - CW / Liviu Isop - Producer / Tim Lohr - Director / Saga Film - Production 



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