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Highlighting the manifesting cool, making it easier for you to experience it in a time of endless clutter. The manifesting cool is that original, interesting, quirky, real-time, positive, fun, unapologetic, surprising, human touchy, full of an energy thing. It can be a feeling, an attitude, a sound, a gesture, a color, a situation, a process, an encounter, everything that this planet produces. From fashion to sports, from music to movies, from nature to artificial intelligence. The sensation you get from it can be found in the music that is played on Virgin Radio. And vice-versa.

Role: Creative Director

Agency: Rusu+Bortun, Romania​

GCD copy: Mircea Craciun

AD: Bogdan Pop

CCO: Catalin Rusu

CW: Madalina Pop

CW: Miruna Potop

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