Tiriac Energy




Tiriac Energy, a big Romanian oil company, subsidiary of the Tiriac Group, has launched a gas station network across the country. The name Tiriac is usually linked with premium and quality, consumers perceiving its product as something expensive, hard to get. The brief was to create awareness for the brand and focusing on the quality, but at the same time, keeping a good price, and changing perception, from expensive to affordable for everyone.


How to say that in a creative and visually striking way?


By showing how Tiriac Energy gas can fuel any type of engine no matter how the vehicle is. This gas can set in motion whatever you drive: a car, a van, a bus, or a tractor.


Role: Creative Director / Art Director | Agency: Rusu+Bortun RO

Additional credits: Mircea Craciun - GCD / Macri Studio - Photography


The car-truck-van-bus-tractor.jpg

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