Hapi Hap Bread




Introduce HapiHap toast to consumers as the best choice of bread for sandwiches and beyond.



Romanians buy approximately 300 tons of deli products daily. Sausages, bacon, salami, ham, or cheese are customary in every Romanian sandwich; a great context for Hapi Hap to take advantage of.



In-store communication is the toughest medium either because of costs or legal restrictions. Using a budget that was no competition to the already established bread brands, Hapi Hap had to find a way through the supermarkets’ clutter.

So, we invented a new context that was naturally connected to the usage of bread. A cost-effective medium that no other brand used before: the wrapping paper for deli products. The perfect place to meet the core consumers of toast bread.



Media-wise, the average traffic of the stores where the idea came alive counted 15000 people a day. In terms of sales, the numbers show a 30% growth compared to the stores where we didn't implement the campaign but only had the bread for sale.

Role: Head of Art / Art Director | Agency: GREY WORLDWIDE

Additional credits: Alex Strimbeanu - Senior CW / Claudiu Dobrita - CD / Factor Film - Production



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