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Pioneer - Corteva Agriscience




Pioneer Seeds, one of the most iconic agricultural brands in America wanted to launch a campaign that speaks about its R&D pipeline. In the last years, the company image has changed, from a seed treatment provider into one of the industry-leading products and technology providers. All their products are developed and tested to meet local challenges.

But how to get this to farmers and ag specialists?

We launched a radio campaign with 16 spots that tell the story behind different parts of Pioneer’s R&D pipeline. Then we created a website like a tour where people can stop and listen to them all. For each place, we've created an animated icon related to the test or location. Also, the icons have been used in social media and other channels.

Role: Art Director / Creative Director | Agency: Bader Rutter

Additional credits: Steve Silver - CD | James Harvey - CW | Abbie Enk - Designer | Rachel Weller - CW | Paul Khuen  - Animation

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